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I am moving this blog to my website, Thanks to everyone, and I look forward to seeing you there!


Does Life Imitate Art? Or Is It the Other Way Around?

Because I’ve been stressed out and feeling overwhelmed lately, I treated myself to a walk in beauty today! And guess what? It worked! Instead of booking an appointment with a therapist — something I’m not knocking, by the way, since I’ve benefited tremendously from therapy — I visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art, a gorgeous place set on 152+ acres of wooded land near the city’s center.

First of all, I was bowled over by the fact they don’t charge admission. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I concentrated on two of the exhibits. One was called, “Fluid State,” by Alyson Shotz, an artist with a love of physics and science. Her glittering, flashing animated work reminded me of chrome, hematite, sea spray and starlight all rolled into one…to see more of this post, visit


A snapshot I took, close up to Alyson Shotz’ work. Of course my lame-ass photo doesn’t do it justice. She rocks!

Optimism as Venture Capital — Invest Today!

Optimism is capital, it’s premium metaphysical real estate, the domain of Kickass Personal Transformation. When you invest in optimism, you get back heavy returns. How you think about yourself, life, and others determines the quality of your experiences, your worldview, and your impact on the rest of humanity and nature, so why not engage in a proactively positive outlook? The process is simple, effective, and can be initiated instantly by harnessing the power of the present moment. Cultivate your “now” awareness, and begin creating thoughts and feelings of joy, love, and the certainty that good things are coming your way. The choice is yours — you hold the key to your own happiness, so find what pocket it’s stashed in…To see more of this post, visit

Harness the Power of the Present Moment, and Ride it into a Brighter Future!


Creativity Unleashed

Creativity can be developed through action and funYou don’t have to be born a genius, a gifted person, in order to be creative, but you do have to develop your own creative genius. The key to creativity is action. A person who thinks of innovative, exciting ideas, and then doesn’t act on them, is an imaginative person, but not a creative person. The act of creation brings something into being. Creativity and genius are the product of thousands of hours of action — practice, study, training. And the amount of encouragement, motivation, and opportunity you receive influences your creativity and your product… To see more of this post, visit



Never Give Up: Another Aspect of Mindful Badassitude

Relentlessness. Tenacity. Doggedness. All are aspects of mindful badassitude — a throwdown, no-holds-barred pursuit of happiness, success, and fulfillment of goals and dreams. Some days, life caresses like a tropical breeze, ruffling my hair and soothing my skin as I make snap decisions, pleasant phone calls, and delight in unexpected opportunities. Other days, life dishes out tough love, battering me like a typhoon, tossing my self-assurance on the rough seas of opposition, rejection, and self-doubt. Still, I’m never swept off the deck when I’ve got my sea legs — my relentless pursuit of my goals and dreams, my badassitude! To see more of this post, visit


Mindful, meditative, and badass!

Action: When It Takes a Badass to Stay the Course, Be a Badass!

I’m visualizing a badass, successful day today, full of hope, beauty, laughs, and prosperity. Visualization opens doors, but action walks me through those doors and into the room. I believe in the power of affirmation, positive self-talk, and visualization to achieve my goals, and I have seen dramatic results in my life. But none of those processes can deliver without a solid action plan in the moment. To see more of this post, visit


Express Yourself!

On your way to kickass personal transformation and healing, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge your feelings. Every moment of every day, you experience emotions.  It’s so important to become aware of your feelings, to monitor them and be open about them.

Emotional awareness provides you with the opportunity to communicate more effectively. When you experience uncomfortable feelings such as sadness, uneasiness, anger or frustration, tension and stress will compound if you isolate and keep everything to yourself.

Confiding in someone you trust and describing what you’re feeling provides a relief valve for the tension and stress. To see more of this post, and other posts, visit